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  • Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter? (10 Reasons Why)
    1. Liability Insurance & Bonding AND Nationally Background Checked: Professional Pet Sitters have both insurance and have a National Background Check this is to protect your pets & home in the event of accident or theft. 2. Pet CPR & First Aid Certification: Your Professional Pet Sitter knows how to properly care for your pet in an emergency. 3. Back Up: Your Professional Pet Sitter has back up in the form of employees who can cover pet sitting in an emergency. 4. Full Time: Professional Pet Sitters pet sit FULL TIME your business is their main source of income, making you the client top priority. 5. Experience: Your PPS works with all different types of pets on a daily basis. They have the knowledge to be on lookout for potential dangers to your home & pets. 6. Workers Compensation: Professional Pet Sitters have workers compensation insurance to cover employees, this protects you the client if a pet sitter is hurt on your property. 7. Quality Time: Professional Pet Sitters are focused on spending quality time with your pets, including petting, playing, walking, & enrichment activities. 8. Leash Walking: Professional Pet Sitters knows how to handle your dog on a leash safely & can recommend the appropriate leash & harness for your type of dog. 9. Client Management System: Professional Pet Sitters have a secure online system to manage all scheduling & invoicing. NO Pet is forgotten. 10. Peace of Mind: You have the peace of mind knowing ALL bases are covered, you can relax and enjoy your vacation or focus on your workday knowing that your pet is receiving excellent and professional care.
  • Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitting company with employees?
    Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter with Employees in Cayman ​ 1. Availability: A professional pet sitting business with employees will have considerably more availability and can accommodate your preferred scheduled. 2. Back Up: A pet sitter with employees has back up in an emergency, if a personal emergency arises for one of the employees another employee or the business owner is able to fill in. No more having your pet sitter cancel at the last minute. 3. Liability Insurance: If your pet sitter has employees instead of independent contractors they will be covered under the pet sitters liability and bonding insurance which protects you if your pet is injured or if something is damaged in your home. 4. Workers Compensation: If your pet sitter has employees instead if independent contractors, they will be covered by workers compensation insurance which protects you if a pet sitter is hurt on your property. 5. Background Checked: Pet Sitting employees are professionally background checked, a professional pet sitting business will have a detailed background check performed that is national, not just town or state only. 6. A second eye: A second pet sitter visiting your home and pets may notice something the other pet sitter may not have. Pet siting employees communicate and work together to provide the optimal care for your pets. 7. Experience: Each pet sitter brings a different set of experience & credentials; they can contact each other as well as pet sitting management/owner if they have a problem or question. 8. Personal: A professional pet sitting business will introduce new employees to their clients and send a schedule so the clients know what pet sitters will be visiting their home. This maintains the personal feel of hiring an individual pet sitter with the advantages of hiring a business with employees. 9. Management: Pet Sitting employees allow the pet sitting business owner to manage the business. A pet sitter with employees has more time to answer and return phone calls, process request, provide service for last minute request, & be on standby for assisting or back up to any of their employed pet sitters. 10. Peace of Mind: When you hire a professional pet sitter with employees you have the peace of mind to enjoy your vacation or focus on your workday knowing that ALL bases are covered.
  • How does Pet Sitting compare to Dog Boarding?
    Pet Sitting VS Dog Boarding ​ Dog Boarding is a great option for pet care when you go on vacation or travel for work. However some dogs may feel stressed by boarding. Pet Sitting in your home is a viable alternative. ​ We surveyed some local dog boarding facilities and the average cost for boarding for JUST ONE dog in Grand Cayman is $40.00 per night. This is the average for the most basic boarding packages, please be certain to ask exactly what is included. ​ The average cost of boarding for TWO dogs from the same family that can share the same space is $60.00 per night. ​ Happy Paws Cayman offers Overnight Pet Sitting when your pet sitter sleeps in your home with your dogs and cares for ALL pets in your home. Rates for overnight pet sitting is $70.00 for 12 hours overnight and 1 hour during the day which can be split into two 30 minute visits. Please make a online reservation for an estimate. ​ Professional Pet Sitting is a great alternative for dogs who do not enjoy boarding and also cost savings for anyone with a multiple pet household. We hope to be meeting you and your pets soon!
  • How does Dog Walking compare to Doggie Daycare?
    Is Day Care The Best Choice For Your Dog? ​ Dog Day Care is a great option for your dog while you are at work. However some dogs may feel stressed by dog day care. Also, some pet owners may not have time to pick up/drop off their dog each day. Dog Walking or Running from your home with a Professional Pet Sitter is a viable alternative. ​ *We LOVE our local doggie day cares & boarding facilities & we will be happy to recommenced one if Happy Paws Cayman cannot meet your needs. Each pet family has individual needs & may find one service works better for them than another, or they may want to alternate days of dog walking and doggie day care for the best of both worlds. ​ We surveyed some local dog day care facilities in Grand Cayman and the average cost for Dog Day Care for ONE dog is $25.00 per day. If you book Monday through Friday the average cost for one dog is $22.00 per day for one dog. ​ Cost for additional dogs from the same family for doggie day care varies. One facility charges an additional $12 per day for a second dog, for a total of $37 per day for Doggie Day Care for TWO dogs. ​ Happy Paws Cayman offers Afternoon Dog Walking from your home, EVERYDAY. The cost ranges between $6-14 per day. We can leash walk up to THREE dogs at a time that walk well together. Or we can let ANY number of dogs out in your fenced in yard for a potty break & playtime. Please make a online reservation for an estimate. ​ Afternoon Dog Walking with your Professional Pet Sitter is a great alternative for dogs who do not enjoy dog day care, do not like other dogs, get sick on car rides, or have a parasite or other health issues that prevents them from going to doggie day care. ​ We only require vaccines REQUIRED by law, which is Rabies every three years. NO parasite testing is required. ​ We hope to be meeting you and your pets soon!
  • Why do we charge more than independent Pet Sitters?
    Hiring Happy Paws Cayman or another professional pet sitting company with employees. Cost $10– $25 per visit / $40 – $70 per overnight ​ Hiring Happy Paws Cayman or another business with employees may be an excellent option for your pet sitting and dog walking needs. In addition to having all of the credentials, experience and insurance of a solo pet sitter they will also have a great deal of availability. Happy Paws Cayman is available 24/7, 365 days a year including all major holidays. At Happy Paws Cayman we always have back up in the event of an emergency. At Happy Paws Cayman we have a dedicated office team to manage the daily operations while owners Julisa and Romane work with clients and our team of excellently trained employees to ensure our clients are receiving the superior service Happy Paws Cayman is known for. ​ Here are the benefits of hiring Happy Paws Cayman to care for your home and pets. ​ 1. Extensive Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance 2. Two to three month training process for all employees 3. Background checked employees who are great at their jobs. 4. CPR and First Aid Certified employees during training process. Happy Paws Cayman does not hire temporary or seasonal employees. 5. Fully integrated management system for scheduling, invoicing and keeping detailed pet and home information securely. 6. GPS clocking in and out service where you'll get an email when your sitter is there and when they leave. 7. GPS Dog Walking where you can see where we walked, how long we walked and where your pups had potty breaks. 8. Camera is provided (if available or requested) you can see your pets, hear them, take pictures, take videos and is even night vision. 9. Dedicated office staff to assist with scheduling or answer any questions you may have. 10. Fully transparent policies, procedures and rate structure for all clients. 11. 5 Star Reviews on Google, Website and Facebook. How to Choose the Best Pet Sitter in the Cayman Islands Choosing a pet sitter to care for your four legged family for the first time can be a stressful experience. At Happy Paws Cayman we do everything we can to make sure that you are 100% comfortable leaving your pets in our care and become a life long client. Your satisfaction is our Top Priority! ​ When your ready to choose a pet sitter or dog walker obviously we would love you to choose Happy Paws Cayman however that may not be an option for you for some reason or another. So we’ve put together a great list of what to look for when hiring a professional pet sitter, dog walker or dog trainer and the difference Happy Paws Cayman brings to the table. ​ Hiring your friend, neighbor or relative. Average Cost : Free – $10 per visit / Free – $40 per overnight ​ Have your friends or family watch your pets can be great but as we’ve seen time and time again it can easily go terribly wrong. When hiring a friend or family member please make sure they are someone you can trust and count on 100%. We do NOT recommend hiring teenagers or anyone you have not known for a long time. Heres a few reasons why.. ​ 1. They may back out if they have their own family emergency or if something ‘better’ comes up. 2. They may have unknown guests with them at your home or send their friend or someone unknown to you to care for you pets if they are unable to make it. 3. They typically do not have the experience or attention to detail that a professional pet sitter would have. 4. They are not background checked, reference checked, CPR certified or liability insured. 5. Most importantly, you are responsible as the homeowner should go wrong or if anyone is hurt on your property. ​ Hiring a Non Professional “Pet Sitter” Average Cost : $5 – $15 per visit / $30 – $50 per overnight ​ We are seeing more and more non professional “pet sitters” or hobby pet sitters popping up everyday. Most disguise themselves as professional pet sitters however these groups or individuals are not legitimate businesses. They’re not registered with the government, they do not have insurance, they are not background checked and they typically do not have any set rates, systems or policies in place. We do not recommend hiring these individuals, keep in mind just because someone has a business card does not mean they are actually a business. Always ask questions, ask to see references, proof of insurance and make sure you are hiring a professional pet sitter.
  • Do we charge per pet and/or per time?
    Does Happy Paws Cayman charge per pet or by time? ​ Happy Paws Cayman charge $2 per pet for dog walking and pet sitting but DO NOT charge per pet for overnight stays. Your services include all pets that live in your home. An additional cost may apply if you have farm animals that live outside of your home. If you have MANY pets, we may charge a small additional cost for extra time needed to care for all of your pets. Happy Paws Cayman services ALWAYS offer a savings for multiple pet households when compared to dog boarding or day care. ​ Our standard visits & dog walks are scheduled for 30 minutes but actual length may vary between 25-35 minutes depending on the specific needs of your pets. If you feel your pets need a minimum of 45 minutes or 1 hour please let us know and we can add the additional time. We also have 15 minute visits available for low maintenance pets. ​ Consecutive hour pet sitting is available on request, please inquire. ​ Standard overnights are scheduled for 13 hours and your pet sitter will spend a minimum of 12 hours overnight but may spend longer as it is convenient for them or as it happens to be needed. ​ Additional hours can be added to your overnight, or live in services can be arranged upon request, please inquire.
  • Are there any discounts available?
    Discounts with Happy Paws Cayman ​ We have three standard package options for both dog walking and petting services. Great Dane Packages are 20% discount for a total of 30 walks or sits, Dalmatian Packages are 10% discount for a total of 20 walks or sits and Pug Packages are 10% discount for a total of 10 walks or sits. Overnight stay visits can get up to 25% discount for 30 nights package. ​ However we can customize packages and services to best fit your and your pets schedule, please inquire. ​ Additional discounts: Receive and additional 5% off your next service when you write a review on our website Receive $25 off your next service for recommending another client that books with us. Adoption Special - When you have adopted a cat or dog you receive two free dog walks OR two free pet sits.
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