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Before You Leave Checklist


Check these off in preparation for your trip.


  • Do your pets have current vaccinations? And have their ID tags on? Happy Paws Cayman requires that all animals be vaccinated and wear identification tags while under our care (we can provide a temporary collar for identification purposes, if needed).


  • Do we have a key, gate codes, lockbox codes, etc. so that we may enter your home?


  • Do we have your alarm code? Turn off the alarm or give us your alarm code prior to our first visit.


  • Do you have plenty of food, treats, litter, leashes, toys or other items needed to keep your pet happy while you’re away? We can purchase these items if necessary and charge you the costs upon your return. We must have a leash when walking your dog outside of a fenced area or away from your property.


  • Did you leave medication? Do we have all instructions? Inform your pet sitter of any medications that need administering, playtime habits, dietary requirements and any special requests.


  • Did you leave the things your pet sitter needs in plain sight? Happy Paws Cayman respects the privacy of its clients, so, please, eliminate our need to unnecessarily open drawers and cabinets. Make certain notes and information needed are left in a visible location and labeled with either the sitter’s or the company’s name. And let us know where you keep cleaning supplies that we may need.


  • Do we have your most current travel schedule? Changes to reservations must be made with the office through our website, by email or office phone.


  • Do you have an emergency key or contact and do we have their information? Always leave a house key with a neighbor or friend as an added safety measure. Please give us the name and phone number of that person so that we can check on your pet in a crisis event.


  • Do we have the best way to contact you – phone, email, text?


  • Did you take our office contact information and/or your pet sitters information with you? While you are away we welcome your call to our office or your pet sitter directly if he or she has given you the number. For general updates, call us!


  • Have you “pet proofed” your home and left a light on? Pet proof your home and yard before you leave. Inspect all fences, gates, latches, doors, locks, cabinets, and edibles and breakables that are within your pet’s range.


  • Do we have your credit card on file? Is it up to date? Credit card is the simplest payment method for you and Happy Paws Cayman. A current credit card must be on file in our office in order for us to hold your reservation.


As a security measure, a sitter may perform a walk through of your home. All closed doors will remain closed and your home will be in the same manner that you left it, unless there is just cause for otherwise.

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