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Our Perks - What Makes Us Awesome!

The best part about our perks is they're FREE!

GPS Clocking in System

Happy Paws Cayman raises the bar in pet care and dog walking! We use our smart phones to select your pet's name when we arrive at your house AND when we leave, Each time we do this, you will receive an real time email letting you know that we arrived (or left). Click here for more information.

Daily Report Cards

After every walk or pet sit we can leave a daily report card letting you know how their day was when you get home from work. So you won't miss a thing! Available upon request.

GPS Dog Walk

We offer GPS Dog walking to see where we walked your dog, the distance traveled, and even when we stop for potty breaks. Here's the best part, it's included in your package!


We offer a free net cam (If available) so you can watch your pet (s) while you're away! With our net cam you can:
- Take pictures
- Record Videos
- See them at night (Night vision)
- Hear them (audio)

Click Here For More Information

Clockin In

GPS Tracking

Until recently, there has been very little transparency into our work.


  • Did my dog walker/pet sitter come today?

  • How long was she here?

  • Did he/she really walked my dogs or played with their phone in the yard?


To answer these questions, we use a real-time GPS tracking system that provides all parties with certainty that your pet is being taken care of. We do this by using barcodes, smart phones, email alerts and GPS tracking

Smart Phones

We use our smart phones to select your pets' name when we arrive at your house AND when we leave. Every time we do this, it generates a timestamp and it is recorded in our system. This is our way of “clocking in” and “clocking out”.

Email Alerts

Each time we scan in (or scan out), you will receive an email letting you know that we arrived (or left). If a sitter/walker tried to clock in and out from a different location, this will be visible to management and yourself.


GPS Tracking


The GPS function on our phones will start tracking where we walk and record the locations every few minutes. Every time it records our location, it puts a mark on the map. At the end of the walk, you get a map of the route.

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