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Field Trips Location:

Field Trips & Park Visits


Give your dog the gift of outdoor exercise, stimulation and a ton of fun with our field trips! We will walk them around a local park or beach and your dog will have a blast with all the new scents to smell, people and other dogs to see, and will come home happier, healthier, and tired! Due to the safety of your dog, we do not offer off leash dog park visits - they can be a dangerous place for your dog (fights, diseases) and their safety is our number one priority. Our field trips are a safer alternative while still offering enrichment!

  • We are License & Insured

  • We are pet first aid & CPR certified

  • We care for all dogs, with no breed or size restrictions.

  • We have 5 star reviews on our website as well as Facebook and  Google.

  • We send daily updates via text or email including a photo.

We want you to feel confident in your choice with Happy Paws Cayman, and know that your pet is in good hands while you are away. We do require a complimentary consultation in your home prior to services beginning. This gives us a chance to meet you & your pet, and learn what they need, so we are able to provide the best care possible. 




  • Dart Park

  • Camana Bay

  • Smith Cove

  • Governor's Beach

If you have a suggestion for a new spot, we'd be happy to try it!

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