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Pet Sitting Services include:

  • Daily checklist 

  • Fresh water/food

  • Medication, if needed

  • Lots of TLC & playtime

  • Bring in your mail & packages

  • Water plants

  • Turn lights on/off

  • Rotate blinds for lived-in look

  • Daily updates through your client portal

  • GPS check in and check out

  • Dog walking, if needed 








In-Home Pet Sitting


 Pet Visits


Purr-fection. That's how we would describe Happy Paws Cayman cat, small pet and dog visits. When you're away, your kitty, dog (or hamster, fish, birds or lizard) still needs to play. Our sitter's visits last a minimum of 30 minutes and can be provided at any time of the day you prefer. By having a Happy Paws Cayman sitter come care for your kitty, dog or other feathered, scaly or furry small indoor pet, you'll know that they're watched, played with, fed, and that their litter box or living space is nice and tidy. This way, you'll continue to hear Purr-fection.


In-home overnight sitting


Slumber parties are us. Happy Paws Cayman sitters will give your pet the love they deserve whenever you need overnight care. Traveling, working or simply away from home, our background checked, and insured pet sitters will give your pet the love and attention they are used to. Our overnight care typically begins in the early evening with our sitters playing with, feeding, watching, and having a great jammy party with your pet. Our sitters will ensure your pets get the exercise they need, as well as clean up after them. Our sitters generally will depart the next morning after a minimum of 12 hours of care, but let them know your needs, and they'll make sure they exceed them.


Hotel and Condo Pet Sitting

Are you in town on business or vacation and worry about keeping your dog
in your hotel room alone? Does your dog like to get into trouble or bark while 
​you're away? 


Our hotel pet sitters can keep your dog company while you're out on the town or at a business meeting. We can take your dog on a walk, give fresh food and water and hangout in the room and keep your dog company. You'll never have to worry about your dog getting bored and bugging other guests with barking or howling. Parking fees may apply. 

Pet sitting visits are a great alternative to a boarding kennel

When you board your pet at a boarding kennel or doggie day care, your pet can pick up parasites from other animals at the facility. Kennels or doggie day care may also cause anxiety and stress, due to an unfamilar environment with overactivity, barking dogs and change of routine. Some pets won't eat while they're in a boarding faciility, it may feel like a prison to your pet or a punishment. Boarding can become expensive if you have multiple pets. 


When using a professional pet sitting service like Happy Paws Cayman, your pet can stay in the comfort of their own home, sleep in their own bed and play with their own toys. Our professional pet sitters will give your pet lots of personal attention and take away the guilt of leaving your loved one behind. 

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