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Frequently Asked Questions

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Professional Pet Sitting

Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitting company with employees?

Professional Pet Sitting Cost

How does Pet Sitting compare to Dog Boarding?

How does Dog Walking compare to Doggie Daycare?

Why do we charge more than independent Pet Sitters?

Do we charge per pet and / or per time?

Are there any discounts available?

Our Services

What area’s of Cayman do we service?

When are we available?

What types of animals do we care for?

Do we service pets with medical needs?

Do we have backup?

Getting Started

What happens during your in-home consultation?

Why do we require Veterinary Release forms and Pet Medication Forms?

How To Guide Videos

Our Policies & Recommendations

What are our payment policies?

What are our booking policies?

What types of payment do we accept?

How are in advance do I need to book services?

What are our cancellation policies?

What are our home entry policies?

What are our invisible fence and off leash policies?

Do we allow outside guests or other pets?

Will your pet sitter be bringing other pets with them?

For Our Existing Clients

How do I request services?

How do I pay for services?

How do I cancel services?

How do I arrange for additional check in’s from my Pet Sitter?

Who is monitoring that my services are completed correctly and to my satisfaction?

How do we make sure No pet is ever forgotten?

Our Team of Professional Pet Sitters

Our Professional Pet Sitters

What are our Pet Sitter and Dog walker credentials and training?

Why won’t we hire temporary employees or independent contractors?

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter (PPS)

  1. Liability Insurance & Bonding AND Nationally Background Checked: Professional Pet Sitters have both insurance and have a National Background Check this is to protect your pets & home in the event of accident or theft.

  2. Pet CPR & First Aid Certification: Your Professional Pet Sitter knows how to properly care for your pet in an emergency,

  3. Back Up: Your Professional Pet Sitter has back up in the form of employees who can cover pet sitting in an emergency.

  4. Full Time: Professional Pet Sitters pet sit FULL TIME your business is their main source of income, making you the client top priority.

  5. Experience: Your PPS works with all different types of pets on a daily basis. They have the knowledge to be on lookout for potential dangers to your home & pets.

  6. Workers Compensation: Professional Pet Sitters have workers compensation insurance to cover employees, this protects you the client if a pet sitter is hurt on your property.

  7. Quality Time: Professional Pet Sitters are focused on spending quality time with your pets, including petting, playing, walking, & enrichment activities.

  8. Leash Walking: Professional Pet Sitters knows how to handle your dog on a leash safely & can recommend the appropriate leash & harness for your type of dog.

  9. Client Management System: Professional Pet Sitters have a secure online system to manage all scheduling & invoicing. NO Pet is forgotten.

  10.  Peace of Mind: You have the peace of mind knowing ALL bases are covered, you can relax and enjoy your vacation or focus on your workday knowing that your pet is receiving excellent and professional care.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter with Employees in Cayman

  1. Availability: A professional pet sitting business with employees will have considerably more availability and can accommodate your preferred scheduled.

  2. Back Up: A pet sitter with employees has back up in an emergency, if a personal emergency arises for one of the employees another employee or the business owner is able to fill in.  No more having your pet sitter cancel at the last minute.

  3. Liability Insurance: If your pet sitter has employees instead of independent contractors they will be covered under the pet sitters liability and bonding insurance which protects you if your pet is injured or if something is damaged in your home.

  4. Workers Compensation: If your pet sitter has employees instead if independent contractors, they will be covered by workers compensation insurance which protects you if a pet sitter is hurt on your property.

  5.  Background Checked: Pet Sitting employees are professionally background checked, a professional pet sitting business will have a detailed background check performed that is national, not just town or state only.

  6. A second eye: A second pet sitter visiting your home and pets may notice something the other pet sitter may not have.  Pet siting employees communicate and work together to provide the optimal care for your pets.

  7. Experience: Each pet sitter brings a different set of experience & credentials; they can contact each other as well as pet sitting management/owner if they have a problem or question.

  8. Personal: A professional pet sitting business will introduce new employees to their clients and send a schedule so the clients know what pet sitters will be visiting their home.  This maintains the personal feel of hiring an individual pet sitter with the advantages of hiring a business with employees.

  9. Management: Pet Sitting employees allow the pet sitting business owner to manage the business. A pet sitter with employees has more time to answer and return phone calls, process request, provide service for last minute request, & be on standby for assisting or back up to any of their employed pet sitters.

  10.  Peace of Mind: When you hire a professional pet sitter with employees you have the peace of mind to enjoy your vacation or focus on your workday knowing that ALL bases are covered.

Pet Sitting VS Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding is a great option for pet care when you go on vacation or travel for work.  However some dogs may feel stressed by boarding.  Pet Sitting in your home is a viable alternative.

We surveyed some local dog boarding facilities and the average cost for boarding for JUST ONE dog in Grand Cayman is $40.00 per night.  This is the average for the most basic boarding packages, please be certain to ask exactly what is included.

The average cost of boarding for TWO dogs from the same family that can share the same space is $60.00 per night.

Happy Paws Cayman offers Overnight Pet Sitting when your pet sitter sleeps in your home with your dogs and cares for ALL pets in your home. Rates for overnight pet sitting is $70.00 for 12 hours overnight and 1 hour during the day which can be split into two 30 minute visits.  Please make a online reservation for an estimate.

Professional Pet Sitting is a great alternative for dogs who do not enjoy boarding and also cost savings for anyone with a multiple pet household. 


We hope to be meeting you and your pets soon!

Is Day Care The Best Choice For Your Dog?

Dog Day Care is a great option for your dog while you are at work.  However some dogs may feel stressed by dog day care. Also, some pet owners may not have time to pick up/drop off their dog each day. Dog Walking or Running from your home with a Professional Pet Sitter  is a viable alternative.

*We LOVE our local doggie day cares & boarding facilities & we will be happy to recommenced one if Happy Paws Cayman cannot meet your needs.  Each pet family has individual needs & may find one service works better for them than another, or they may want to alternate days of dog walking and doggie day care for the best of both worlds.

We surveyed some local dog day care facilities in Grand Cayman and the average cost for Dog Day Care for ONE dog is $25.00 per day. If you book Monday through Friday the average cost for one dog is $22.00 per day for one dog.

Cost for additional dogs from the same family for doggie day care varies.  One facility charges an additional $12 per day for a second dog, for a total of $37 per day for Doggie Day Care for TWO dogs.

Happy Paws Cayman offers Afternoon Dog Walking from your home, EVERYDAY.  The cost ranges between $6-14 per day. We can leash walk up to THREE dogs at a time that walk well together. Or we can let ANY number of dogs out in your fenced in yard for a potty break & playtime.  Please make a online reservation for an estimate.

Afternoon Dog Walking with your Professional Pet Sitter  is a great alternative for dogs who do not enjoy dog day care, do not like other dogs, get sick on car rides, or have a parasite or other health issues that prevents them from going to doggie day care.

We only require vaccines REQUIRED by law, which is Rabies every three years. NO parasite testing is required.

We hope to be meeting you and your pets soon!

How to Choose the Best Pet Sitter in the Cayman Islands


Choosing a pet sitter to care for your four legged family for the first time can be a stressful experience.  At Happy Paws Cayman we do everything we can to make sure that you are 100% comfortable leaving your pets in our care and become a life long client.  Your satisfaction is our Top Priority!

When your ready to choose a pet sitter or dog walker obviously we would love you to choose Happy Paws Cayman however that may not be an option for you for some reason or another.  So we’ve put together a great list of what to look for when hiring a professional pet sitter, dog walker or dog trainer and the difference Happy Paws Cayman brings to the table.

Hiring your friend, neighbor or relative.

Average Cost : Free – $10 per visit / Free – $40 per overnight

Have your friends or family watch your pets can be great but as we’ve seen time and time again it can easily go terribly wrong.  When hiring a friend or family member please make sure they are someone you can trust and count on 100%.  We do NOT recommend hiring teenagers or anyone you have not known for a long time. Heres a few reasons why..

1. They may back out if they have their own family emergency or if something ‘better’ comes up.

2. They may have unknown guests with them at your home or send their friend or someone unknown to you to care for you pets if they are unable to make it.

3. They typically do not have the experience or attention to detail that a professional pet sitter would have.

4. They are not background checked, reference checked, CPR certified or liability insured.

5. Most importantly, you are responsible as the homeowner should go wrong or if anyone is hurt on your property.

Hiring a Non Professional “Pet Sitter”

Average Cost : $5 – $15 per visit / $30 – $50 per overnight

We are seeing more and more non professional “pet sitters” or hobby pet sitters popping up everyday.  Most disguise themselves as professional pet sitters however these groups or individuals are not legitimate businesses.  They’re not registered with the government, they do not have insurance, they are not background checked and they typically do not have any set rates, systems or policies in place.  We do not recommend hiring these individuals, keep in mind just because someone has a business card does not mean they are actually a business.  Always ask questions, ask to see references, proof of insurance and make sure you are hiring a professional pet sitter.

Hiring Happy Paws Cayman or another professional pet sitting company with employees.


Cost $10– $25 per visit / $40 – $70 per overnight

Hiring Happy Paws Cayman or another business with employees may be an excellent option for your pet sitting and dog walking needs.  In addition to having all of the credentials, experience and insurance of a solo pet sitter they will also have a great deal of availability.  Happy Paws Cayman is available 24/7, 365 days a year including all major holidays.  At Happy Paws Cayman we always have back up in the event of an emergency.  At Happy Paws Cayman we have a dedicated office team to manage the daily operations while owners Julisa and Romane work with clients and our team of excellently trained employees to ensure our clients are receiving the superior service Happy Paws Cayman is known for.

Here are the benefits of hiring Happy Paws Cayman to care for your home and pets.

1. Extensive Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance

2. Two to three month training process for all employees

3. Background checked employees who are great at their jobs.

4. CPR and First Aid Certified employees during training process. Happy Paws Cayman does not hire temporary or seasonal employees.

5. Fully integrated management  system for scheduling, invoicing and keeping detailed pet and home information securely.

6. GPS clocking in and out service where you'll get an email when your sitter is there and when they leave.

7. GPS Dog Walking where you can see where we walked, how long we walked and where your pups had potty breaks.

8. Camera is provided (if available or requested) you can see your pets, hear them, take pictures, take videos and is even night vision.

9. Dedicated office staff to assist with scheduling or answer any questions you may have.

10. Fully transparent policies, procedures and rate structure for all clients.

11. 5 Star Reviews on Google, Website and Facebook.

Does Happy Paws Cayman charge per pet or by time?

Happy Paws Cayman charge $2 per pet for dog walking and pet sitting but DO NOT charge per pet for overnight stays. Your services include all pets that live in your home.  An additional cost may apply if you have farm animals that live outside of your home. If you have MANY pets, we may charge a small additional cost for extra time needed to care for all of your pets.  Happy Paws Cayman services ALWAYS offer a savings for multiple pet households when compared to dog boarding or day care.

Our standard visits & dog walks are scheduled for 30 minutes but actual length may vary between 25-35 minutes depending on the specific needs of your pets. If you feel your pets need a minimum of 45 minutes or 1 hour please let us know and we can add the additional time. We also have 15 minute visits available for low maintenance pets.

Consecutive hour pet sitting is available on request, please inquire.

Standard overnights are scheduled for 13 hours and your pet sitter will spend a minimum of 12 hours overnight but may spend longer as it is convenient for them or as it happens to be needed.

Additional hours can be added to your overnight, or live in services can be arranged upon request, please inquire.

Discounts with Happy Paws Cayman

We have three standard package options for both dog walking and petting services. Great Dane Packages are 20% discount for a total of 30 walks or sits, Dalmatian Packages are 10% discount for a total of 20 walks or sits and Pug Packages are 10% discount for a total of 10 walks or sits. Overnight stay visits can get up to 25% discount for 30 nights package.

However we can customize packages and services to best fit your and your pets schedule, please inquire. 

Additional discounts:

Receive and additional 5% off your next service when you write a review on our website

Receive $25 off your next service for recommending another client that books with us.

Adoption Special - When you have adopted a cat or dog you receive two free dog walks OR two free pet sits.

Where Do We Service?

We provide all over Grand Cayman! From West Bay to East End. We can also provide service on Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, we'll send one of our sitters over if we have the availability.

When Are We Available?

Happy Paws Cayman is available 365 Days A Year including ALL major holidays, We can accommodate most any request, even on short notice (1-2 days).  Less than 24 hours notice is not always available, but we will do our best to add you to the schedule whenever possible.

Pet Sitting Visits are available year round, 7 days, a week & on all major holidays. We recommend booking your services for major holidays and school vacation weeks 1-2 months in advance. However we will take short notice request as long as availability remains.

Overnight Pet Sitting is sometimes limited in availability. We recommend booking holiday & school vacation week overnights 2-3 months in advance, as always we will take bookings on shorter notice as long as availability remains.

Our Dog Walks are available everyday year round.  This service is available on an as needed basis or you can set a regular repeating schedule.

Our sitters are able to take vacations and time off as needed, so they are NEVER overworked or exhausted.  At the same time you ALWAYS have back up with another Professional Pet Sitter or HPC Owners Julisa Dilbert & Romane Blake.  So in the event that one person has an emergency, We Have You Covered!

all animal
Happy Paws Cayman is available to care for ALL types of pets & farm animals

Happy Paws Cayman is available to care for all types of pets & farm animals.

Services for care & maintenance of reptile pets can also be available upon request.

All of our pet sitting team has experience with Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, & rodents. Pet Sitting & Husbandry services are available for all types of small mammals.

We are also available to care for farm animals, fish, birds, & ANY animal legal to own in the Cayman Islands.

All pet sitters employed with Happy Paws Cayman have a great deal of knowledge and experience working with ALL breeds of dogs & cats.

Medical Pet Sitting

Julisa trains all Professional Pet Sitters on her staff to be skilled in administering oral medication, insulin injections, & subcutaneous fluids. Physical therapy, Nail Trims, Ear Cleaning, & Eye drops or Ointment can also be administered by our staff. All HPC staff is also trained to keep exacting records for all pets with medical needs and take notice to all signs of illness and pain. All our sitters are Pet First Aid and CPR Certified.

Back Up
Does Your Pet Sitter Have A Back Up Plan??

When considering who will care for your pets while your at work or on vacation it is important to consider that persons back up plan.  Who will care for your pets if your pet sitter becomes sick or hurt, has an emergency, or takes their own vacation??

Happy Paws Cayman Team of Professional Pet Sitters is here to meet your needs.  Having a great team allows us to ALWAYS have back up and it also allows us to ALWAYS be able to accommodate our clients service request.

HPC management monitors daily the all visits are completed by the pet sitters.  Pet Sitters check in & out via GPS on their smartphones for each schedule visit.  Both management & clients can log in and see that each visit was completed by the pet sitters.  Our sitters also check in at least once day with clients via text or email.

All of our sitters also become Pet CPR & First Aid Certified within 3 months of employment with Happy Paws Cayman.  Each Pet Sitter is TRAINED personally by business owners Julisa & Romane Blake.  We also have professional National Background Checks & Motor Vehicle checks completed for all of our employee pet sitters.

Each client is assigned a primary pet sitter that lives the closest to them & has the most availability for the types of services they require. All services are scheduled with the primary sitter whenever they are available. In the event that your primary sitter is fully booked, out sick,  taking time off, or has a last minute emergency, a secondary pet sitter or owner/managers Julisa & Romane Blake are ready & available to take over so no interruption in pet care occurs.

Rest Easy Knowing that Happy Paws Cayman is HERE FOR YOU!

What Happens At An In-Home Consultation?

After we get you signed up and completed with our online profile and scheduling system, we'll schedule a consultation with a Happy Paws Cayman Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter. The employee will come directly to your home so you can introduce them to your pet and show them where the pet's items are. You will also go over any special instructions with the employee and the date you'll need service. 


We require two keys at the consultation. One key is kept on file in our office safe in case your pet sitter is ill or cannot make it to your home. There is a charge of $10 if we need to come back to your home to collect them if weren't ready at the consulation. Please test out both sets of keys to make sure they're working properly. Lock boxes are fine too. We only accept garage codes for dog walking clients.

Your pet sitter will spend time answering all of your questions and spending some time getting to know your pets. In-Home Consultations are always scheduled for thirty minutes to allow plenty of time, however they typically take around 15-20 minutes.

You must have a signed copy of our Terms and Conditions Form, Vet Release Form and Medication and Supplements Form (if your pets are on medication and/or supplements) along with all information provided on your client portal before meeting for an in-home consultation. Apartment Authorization Form is needed for apartment complexes, gated neighborhoods, hotels etc.

Vet Release Forms & Medication Forms
Payments Accepted 

At this time we accept KYD or USD cash, checks payable to Julisa Dilbert and Butterflied Bank Deposits. 

All clients of Happy Paws Cayman are Required to have a Credit Card set up on file.

Services are NOT booked and availability CANNOT be guaranteed until we receive payment in full in accordance with our policies for packages or 50% before service starts for vacation services.

Due to the very high demand for our services we cannot make any exceptions to our payment policies.

NO REFUNDS. Your Happy Paws Cayman account will be credited any amounts left after cancellation fees have been applied. Client agrees that regular scheduled walks and sits cancelled less than 6 hours will be charged the walks normal rate, if you cancel 24 hours before your reservation, we will accept your cancellation. If you cancel less than 6 hours, you will be charged for the visits, as we will not be able to rebook your time slot. Overnight Stay cancellation fee will be $25 per night every night cancelled before 48 hours of service. Full price will be charged per night every night cancelled LESS than a complete 48 hours' notice. All Holiday reservations must be paid in full at booking. Cancellations 7 days prior to the first visit are entitled to a 50% Happy Paws Cayman credit for entire schedule and will be given a credit that can be used towards future visits. Cancellations less than one week notice are non-refundable and will not receive a Happy Paws Cayman credit. We cannot resell time that has been expressly held and reserved for you. To avoid the non-refundable fee, please contact Happy Paws Cayman with more than 24 hours’ notice (or 7 days if it’s a Holiday reservation) if you need to reschedule an appointment.

short notice
Short Notice Pet Sitting in the Cayman Islands  


If you’re a new client looking for services on short notice please GET STARTED HERE! New clients receive one FREE 30 minute meeting with their primary pet sitter.  Free In-Consultation must be scheduled ONE WEEK in advance.  If a new in-hone consultation is scheduled with less than ONE WEEK in advance a non-refundable payment of $15 is required. The $15 payment can be credited towards future services once the client has booked and paid for at least $500 in services within 90 days of the in-home consultation.

Happy Paws Cayman makes every effort to accommodate all request from our regular clients and can often accommodate request with as little as 12 hours notice.  Always use your client log in to request services on short notice and we will make every effort to fit you in.

Occasionally our schedule does become Fully Booked. Our schedule is likely to become fully booked in advance on and around Major Holidays, School Vacation Weeks, & during the months of April, May & December.  We recommend booking services at lease 30 days in advance for these times, however we will fit in short notice request whenever possible.

We RECOMMEND that our clients request services as follows for the BEST chance of availability & the FASTEST processing of their request.

For Overnight Pet Sitting, Major Holidays, School Vacation Weeks, or for those clients who live on the Eastern part of the island or Sister islands we recommend making your request at least 30 Days in Advance. We can accommodate these request made with this amount of notice 99% of the time.

The BEST & FASTEST way to request services is ALWAYS logging into your client profile!

You may email your request, however DELAYS may occur with this method. We receive A LOT of emails and they are processed as our time allows in the order that they are received.

Please do not contact your pet sitter to schedule, change, or cancel services. Pet Sitters do not have access to schedule or change anything in our system and will direct you to log in or call management.

As always, we are very much looking forward to caring for your fur family!!


FULL payment is due when purchasing any of our Pug, Dalmatian and Great Dane Packages. 50% payment is due before and after completion for vacation services only.



Your Happy Paws Cayman account will be credited any amounts left after cancellation fees have been applied.



In inclement weather (Heavy Rain, RealFeel Temperature 90 degrees +, Thunder Storm, etc) we will not perform full dog walks. This is for the safety of your pet and the sitter. There are numerous safety concerns including burnt paws and heat exhaustion. During these times and walks need to shorten we have many fun indoor activities and stimulating dog games to exercise your dogs.


If your pet will only potty on a leash, we will take them out long enough for them to potty and then we will return inside for playtime (visit times will not be shortened). Happy Paws Cayman will use the last 3-5 minutes for your dog(s) to cool off, provide fresh water and treat at client request after walks.  Please provide towels near the front door if you anticipate that it will be raining during our visits.


Home Entry & Key Policies

Happy Paws Cayman requires that all clients provide two keys to be kept on file with your pet sitter and or management for as long as you remain a client.

Happy Paws Cayman Key Policy

Security is our TOP PRIORITY.  Your keys are kept securely with your pet sitter and Happy Paws Cayman Management.  Your keys are labeled with your account number only.  No one can identify your keys in the unlikely event that they are lost or stolen.  Each key is logged into our system and logged out anytime they are exchanged between your pet sitter and our office.  Happy Paws Cayman will always know the exact location of your keys.

Your Keys will be tested and collected prior to the start of services during your In-Home Consultation, Sitter Meeting or a Scheduled Key Pick Up Only.

Your Keys, once collected, will be labeled discreetly and kept securely at our office for future services.  We WILL NOT leave your keys at your home or lock them inside after your last visit/service.

If your keys are not available during your in-home consultation , You MUST schedule a key pickup.

*Additional visits for a Key Pickup or Sitter Meeting are $10*

*We can also destroy and discard your keys free of charge*

Alternate Key Procedure – At Clients Risk

If you do not wish to provide keys, we can alternately use coded entry or a garage code.  This is allowed strictly at the risk and responsibility of the client.  It is your responsibility to ensure your online profile is up to date with detailed code and entry information. If you choose to use this method and we cannot gain entry for ANY reason you will be notified.  We cannot provide additional free visits to try to gain entry.  All additional visits needed to gain entry will be charged at the short notice rate. We strongly recommend that you have a primary and secondary entry method if you choose this alternate such as a hidden key.  *We do not recommend this procedure*

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 345-922-6545 and we will be happy to review our key procedures with you in detail and recommend the option.


Invisible Fence & Off Leash Policies

Invisible Fences

The use of Invisible Fences by Happy Paws Cayman is at the risk of the client. Happy Paws Cayman will not be held liable for any loss or injury to your pet that results from us being instructed to let your dog out in an invisible fence.

Invisible fence use is at the sole discretion of each pet sitter that cares for you pet.  They may choose to take your pets out on leash at any time. If your pet leaves the invisible fence area or is shocked one time, they will be then always taken out on leash.

No pets will be left unattended in an invisible fenced area, this is strict HPC policy.

Off Leash Polices

A waiver of liability is required to have your pet let off leash on your property with no fence or invisible fence present. Happy Paws Cayman will not be held liable for any loss or injury to your pet that results from us being instructed to let your dog out in an unfenced area.

Letting a pet out off leash  is at the sole discretion of each pet sitter that cares for you pet.  They may choose to take your pets out on leash at any time. If your pet leaves your property  one time, they will be then always taken out on leash.

No pets will be allowed off leash off of the clients property, this is strict HPC policy.


Does your pet sitter have their Pets/Friends over??

Happy Paws Cayman DOES NOT allow our employee pet sitters to bring outside guest or pets onto our clients property.


We have the following strict policies for our employee pet sitters:

NO outside pets are allowed on client property

NO minor children are allowed on client property

A sitter may have A TRUSTED ADULT person WAIT In the car if they feel they have a safety concern and are unable to reach Happy Paws Cayman management.

A sitter may have a TRAINED Service Animal kept securely in their vehicle as long as the well being of the service animal AND the well being of the pets in our care are NOT compromised in anyway.

NO Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs are allowed on client property. Please DO NOT offer or give alcoholic gifts to our sitters.

NO one other than Employee Pet Sitters and Happy Paws Cayman management will be providing care for your pets & home. A pet sitter may have along with them another HPC employee or send another HPC employee in their place to care for your pets in an emergency.

If you feel these policies have been violated by your pet sitter, please document everything and notify HPC management asap. 345-922-6545

 WE ARE HERE to keep your HOME & PETS Safe & Secure


Outside Guest & Pet Policy

At the time that service is booked, Pet Owner will notify Happy Paws Cayman of everyone who has been granted access to the home during the service period. Due to liability, Happy Paws Cayman will refuse to provide service when another person is expected to share care. We feel strongly about this policy because it minimizes confusion; we cannot vouch or be responsible for treatment of the pets or the home given by a third party when we are either present or in between pet sits.


It is possible that pets can be overfed, given extra medication, etc. due to a lack of communication or understanding. We are held accountable for the proper care of your pets and home. As professional pet sitters, we take this responsibility very seriously and we let our service speak for us. We are all background checked, and the company license and insurance is up to date.

Please visit our Policies Page to see examples and more details.


Requesting Services

The BEST and FASTEST way to request services with Happy Paws Cayman is by our Client Log In.

We're on most social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Our contact number is mobile so we always have data/internet. So we're always reachable!


Happy Paws Cayman Complimentary Check In Service

If you would like additional visits/services please log in to Client Log In.

Check In’s

Happy Paws Cayman offers a complimentary check in service for all of our clients.  You may elect to be checked in with via email once a day, every other day, at your first and/or last visit or only if needed.

Please let us know if you would like any of these complimentary services on our Pet Forms.

GPS Clocking in System

A unique code will stay at your house as every code is different for every client. We use our smart phones to scan the bar code when we arrive at your house AND when we leave, Each time we scan in (or scan out), you will receive an email letting you know that we arrived (or left).

Daily Report Cards

After every walk or pet sit we leave a daily report card letting you know how their day was when you get home from work! So you won't miss a thing (Requested Only).

GPS Dog Walk

We offer GPS Dog walking to see where we walked your dog, the distance traveled, and even when we stop for potty breaks. Here's the best part, it's included in your package!


We offer a free net cam (If available/requested) so you can watch your pet (s) while you're away! With our net cam you can:
- Take pictures
- Record Videos
- See them at night (Night vision)
- Hear them (audio)


GPS Pet Sitting Check In & Out


Happy Paws Cayman management continuously monitors Pet Sitter Check In & Out for all visits and Overnights scheduled.  This ensures that


Does your pet sitter check in and out via GPS??  Is someone else monitoring visit check if your sitter is delayed do to an emergency??

Our system has a GPS check in & check out feature that is used by our Professional Pet Sitters.  When your pet sitter arrives at your home, they log in to the mobile application and scan your unique bar code at your home for your visit.  The time and GPS location of the check in is recorded.  At the end of your visit, the pet sitter uses the application to scan again to check out and leave a brief note that is view able by management, and other pet sitters that might be visiting your pet on the same day. The GPS logs the time and location of the sitter upon marking the visit complete.

Happy Paws Cayman management monitors visits completion frequently throughout the day.  Management can view the sitter’s location, and check in & out times, to ensure that all visits are being completed as scheduled.

Please check out this feature.


How Happy Paws Cayman Makes Sure NO Pet Is Forgotten



Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is all requested by email, Whatsapp, text or making a reservation online by the client.  The client let us know their needed schedule according to the needs of their pets and budget.  This eliminates miss communication over the phone.  It ensures that the exact scheduled requested by the client is booked into our system.  Every single request is checked carefully by Happy Paws Cayman management and approved and an email schedule is sent to the client.  The schedule shows all services booked so the client can easily see the schedule and be certain it is correct or request a change as needed.



After the initial schedule is sent upon booking, several reminders are sent to the client.  This gives the client MANY opportunities to spot an error in their schedule.  Seven days prior to the start of your pet sitting services an email is sent out showing your schedule.

Check In’s

Clients have the option to be checked in with by their sitter via text, email or Whatsapp.  The checks in’s can be requested everyday, every other day, the first and/or last day or only if needed.  You will NOT be left to worry if your pet is being visited or not.



All Pet Sitters check in upon arrival and check out at departure via the apps.  The GPS records the sitter’s location at the time of check in & check out.  This will be required of all new pet sitters joining Happy Paws Cayman.

What does this all add up to? TOTAL PEACE OF MIND!! For you the client and HPC management. Everyone can rest assured that every pet is visited as scheduled.

HPC Pledge

In the rare and unlikely event that your pets visit is delayed do to a severe and unlikely emergency we vow to contact you and your emergency contact person as soon as we become aware of the delay.  We will then visit your pet as soon as possible.  Either HPC owner Julisa Dilbert-Blake or another Professional Pet Sitter employee will fill in if your regular pet sitter is dealing with an emergency.

If you have any questions what so ever..Please call owner/manager Julisa Dilbert-Blake at 345-922-6545.  We want every client to feel 100% confident that their pet sitting will be completed as scheduled.


Your Sitters

Your local sitters are pet parents themselves, so they intuitively and lovingly know how to care for your pets. But at Happy Paws Cayman, we take it one paw further. We make sure that all our pet sitters have undergone their own professional training and are bonded and insured - and then we go further. We also ensure that a full criminal background check is conducted and that references are carefully checked.


Your assigned sitter takes great strides to ensure they build and maintain a lasting relationship with you and your pets for years to come. But it's not good enough to have just one pet sitter available to you. We all know that "things" in life happen. If you have just one sitter available, what would happen to your pet if "something" happened with your pet sitter? That's why we have a network of pet sitters available at all times - so that "something" never happens to you or your pet.

Every Pet Sitter & Dog Walker Are:

  • 21 years and older because maturity and experience is what counts!

  • Background Checked - Before hiring we get a maximum of a 3 months clean police record to keep your heart at ease!

  • Pet Parents Themselves - So they will love your pets as their own

  • Love and Care For Animals - Is a must!

  • Pet Sitters International Certified - Excellence in customer service and trained to care and walk animals correctly and safely.

  • Previous Experience With Animals - More we know and the more aware we are of caring for them.

  • Pet First Aid (after 1 month trial) - Advanced Pet First Aid Certified Level 3 Course.


How We Hire the BEST Professional Pet Sitters

When you hire pet sitter to care for your home & pets, do you interview them multiple times? Do you not only ask for references, but also call each reference and speak to them?  Do you run a  Back Ground Check?  Happy Paws Cayman has completed these steps & more for all of our employee Professional Pet Sitters. We’ve done the screening for you, so you can rest assured that ALL pet sitters employed by HPC will meet & exceed your expectations.

Happy Paws Cayman employee Professional Pet Sitters are thoroughly interviewed, reference checked, background checked and trained by Owners Julisa & Romane Blake.

Happy Paws Cayman Hiring Process

  • * Personality Survey 

  • * Phone interview

  • * In person interview

  • * References checked

  • * Background check

  • * Job Shadow Day

  • *Contract & Manual Signing

  • * GPS & Check In App Training

  • * 2-3 weeks of direct one on one pet sitting training

  • * Process takes 1-2 months to complete

  • *Ongoing coaching, in house training, & online video training

Upon inquiring about employment potential applicants must complete our online application and personality survey.  Completion is required to be considered for a phone interview.  The application determines the home location, work location & hours, availability, computer & smartphone access, & vehicle access of the potential pet sitter. It also gives a job description, pay information, & notifies them that drug testing and a background check is required. The personality survey helps us to identify those that are a good personality fit for being a Professional Pet Sitter.

The application and survey tends to weed out 95% of potential applicants that are not up to HPC standards.  We require the application and survey to be complete in our online hiring system.  This ensures they can follow directions and have basic computer skills, which are both essential for the job. Our system also scores every step of the hiring process so we can compare to other successful sitters we have hired.

If the application looks promising,  We then schedule a phone interview with them.  Phone interviews are scheduled at a set date in time, to ensure the applicant is able to keep their appointments.  Many detailed questions are asked about the applicant & what type of employment they are looking for. The phone interview receives a % score so we have an accurate & non emotional way to move applicants through our hiring steps.

If the phone interview is EXCELLENT & and receives a a high passing score, we then proceed to the background check & reference check.  Both of these must be completed before we schedule an in person interview.  The background check screens for and misdemeanor or felony convictions nationally. It also checks their motor vehicle report and will show us all driving infractions.  We can also see address and name history for the applicant.  For the reference check the applicant must provide three reference and one must be a manager.  They give their reference legal permission to answer a survey about them and also be able to leave comments.  Our system takes and average score for all the references.  All applicant must receive a high % score on their references to move forward with hiring.

Once the background and reference checks are completed, we then schedule an in person interview with them.  Again, the in person interview is scheduled at a set date & time to ensure the applicant can keep an appointment & be on time. During the in person interview the applicants are questioned in detail and also given a lot of information about what the job entails.  The interview has a set list of personality and situational questions that is scored.

After the applicant has received a passing score on the application, survey, reference check, background, AND in person interview we schedule a second job shadow day so they can see first hand the details of the job.

When we do decide to hit someone they are set up for a final employee intake meeting.  At that time they sign their employment and non compete agreement, we review & sign the Employee Manual, & Identification is verified. We also review our systems in detail.

Once this is completed myself we do 2-3 weeks of direct training with employee, where we complete MANY pet sitting & dog walking visits together with a manager or experience pet sitter. This way they are fully trained to our standards and have a complete understanding of our systems.

Our training continues long beyond the initial few weeks.  One on one coach is provided by our managers, in office training meetings, and online video training is also provided on an ongoing basis.  Any errors or issues that come up are treated as learning experiences so our sitters can grow and provide the best pet & customer care possible.

Happy Paws Cayman DOES NOT hire temporary employees of any kind. All applicants commit to a minimum of 1 year of work and also agree to their availability in writing. We want you and your pets to be able to build a trusting & long-term relationship with your pet sitters.

We hope that you will give our excellent pet sitters a try; please contact us for more detailed information.

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