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We're A Eco-Friendly Company!


At Happy Paws Cayman we do not only care about your pets, but the environment they live in.  We have made a conscious choice to make the day to day running of our business as Eco friendly as possible.  Here’s 7 of those ways:

1. We now have Recycled Paper Business Cards! Earth-friendly, 100% post consumer waste recycled paper.

2. All pet sitters and dog walkers carry and uses biodegradable pet waste bags only. These bags will decompose in 60-90 days, unlike traditional bags which can take decades to decompose.

3. We have switched to a secure online file/scheduling and invoicing system which has reduced our paper consumption by just over 80% and we continue to work to make it 100%.

4. DIY Dog & Cat Treats! We make our very own treats right in our homes. This reduces wasteful packages and saves your pets and ours from ingesting questionable ingredients by making their snacks ourselves!

5. Adopting Pets! Almost every Happy Paws Cayman employee has a pet rescued from a shelter. By adopting just one pet from a shelter, imagine how many resources; food, toys, medical care and paid staff are freed up to help another animal in need.

6. Reusable Bottle Water! Each Happy Cayman employee has a company refillable water bottle. Each employee drinks an average 80oz of water a day this saves five 16oz plastic bottles a day.

7. Minimizing Fuel! We use Google Maps and years of experience to minimize the amount of fuel that employees use to do their visits. This means planning pet-sitting close to where the employee lives, and minimizing the distances between mid-day walks.


We are constantly trying to keep informed on new idea’s and products that we can use to make Happy Paws Cayman as Green as possible for a safe and happy future for our planet, for us and for our pets.


Going green is so easy, even your pets can do it. Don't believe us, check out this video posted by The Daily Puglet.

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