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Happy Paws References


See for yourself what others have thought about ours services and staff. If you would like to add a reference feel free to ask. Enjoy!


To Whom It May Concern:


It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Julisa Dilbert of Happy Paws Cayman. We hired Julisa about a year ago to care for our four dogs and three cats named Buster, Champ, Zeus, Cornealious, Trixie, Leyla and Jinx. I was extremely worried about going to work and leaving them alone in the house for the whole day and did a lot of research on pet sitters in order to ensure they had the best care possible while I was gone.When I first met Julisa, I liked her right away because she had a calm demeanor and got right down to their level to greet them. They seemed very comfortable with her.  She also listened to my concerns and was willing to work with me to meet all of their needs.In the year that she has worked for us, I have found her to be extremely reliable and trustworthy.  She is also very accommodating with changes in schedule and always returned my phone calls promptly.  Many of my neighbors have told me they have seen her with Buster, Champ, Zeus and Cornealious on long walks around the development.  She always leaves a note about her visit and has phoned me a few times at work when anyone of them seemed ill or not themselves. Also what is really great is that on both Facebook and Twitter she uploads videos and pictures of our babies to see what they are up to. When we installed an invisible fence around the property, she worked with each and everyone and helped me with their fence training.I feel she truly cares about animals and is genuinely concerned about their well-being.  My babies and I would highly recommend her as a pet sitter.



To Whom It May Concern:


Julisa provided dog sitting and walking services for my dog Otis in February and March of 2014.  Otis is a very energetic, large, 3 year old Labrador retriever.  Julisa proved to be capable and responsible as well as a good communicator.  During this time, I had no issues with the services she provided.  She was always on time and did a great job keeping me informed of how Otis was feeling and behaving.

I recommend anyone that is looking for a pet sitting/walking service to rely on Julisa for these services.  I was fully satisfied and felt confident that my dog was in the best hands.

Robert & Deborah

To Whom It May Concern:


Julisa has stayed in our home and cared for our pets many times.  We have three dogs and cats as well as fish.  The longest time Julisa cared for our pets was about ten days last summer.  The peace of mind we enjoy on our vacations knowing that our pets are being so lovingly cared for in their own home is invaluable.  Julisa has a true love of animals and is able to relate to each one on an individual basis.  We have complete confidence in her judgment and reliability and most of all on her kindness towards our animals.  She has administered medication as well as their more basic requirements and we can enjoy our travels knowing they are being looked after by someone who truly cares for their welfare.

We are happy to recommend Julisa without qualification.  Please feel free to call us if you would like a verbal confirmation of this letter.

Feel free to call us if you would like more detail.



Dear Pet Owner:


I am writing to share my experience with Julisa, who has given exceptional care to our two dogs since December, 2013.  We had just brought a new puppy home and needed someone to come in each day to exercise him and help acclimate him to his new home.  On several occasions, I also scheduled Julisa for dinner visits, when work required that I be out in the evening.  Eventually, Julisa came to stay with our dogs while I traveled overnight for 3-4 evenings at a time.

Our new puppy is a Siberian Husky, full of energy and just a little stubborn.  Our older dog is a cocker spaniel.  He has a wonderful temperament, but has had the house to himself for 11 years and is still trying to figure out this new puppy.  Julisa is wonderfully patient and loving with these two dogs.  But she is also a great help in training as she enforces house rules and follows through on training strategies that we’ve learned.  She has had to manage more than a few challenging situations, particularly with the new puppy, but she has always risen to the occasion.  In addition, Julisa is extremely dependable.  Since she began assisting us with our dogs, she has never called to say that she had to cancel.

I recommend Julisa highly to you as a caregiver for your pets.  She has been a great help to us, allowing us to enjoy our dogs, even with the demands of a busy work life!

E.J & Jennifer

To Whom It May Concern:


We have only known Julisa for less than a year, but we unequivocally trust her with our precious pets and our new home. Quite frankly, I would trust her with anything because she is one of those hard-working, reliable, honest ‘good people’ that seem to be disappearing from the world! Julisa has a big heart and an even bigger understanding of animals. We have three cats (2 of them Tuxedo cats), and a iguana has worked to build individual connections with all of them, and they are always excited to see her. She knows their personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes. When we return from trips we can tell they are all in good spirits and have been well cared for. This allows us to fully enjoy our vacations knowing our pets and our home are safe. We feel very fortunate to know Julisa, and would recommend her to anyone. Given a choice I would never even think of using another pet sitter.

Feel free to call us if you would like more detail.



To Whom It May Concern:


We have known Julisa for essentially all of her life.  We have observed her strong love of pets, both cats and dogs.  She does not tolerate any abuse of a pet.  She enjoys playing with all pets and caring for them.  She has been our sitter of choice for the care of our dogs over the years.  Regardless of size of the pet, she works with them well.  From the care of a large dog, a Rottweiler, to the care of our current dog, a Fox Terrier, she is good with them all.  She visits them in our home giving them a lot of personal attention, playing with them and exercising them, in addition to providing food and water.  She is extremely reliable and will attend to the pet as scheduled without exception. We would strongly recommend her to sit anyone’s pet. 



To Whom It May Concern:


I have known Julisa for years and she has cared for my dogs over those years.  There is no one I would trust with my pets more than Julisa.  She is a very responsible, caring and loving woman.

Julisa has cared for my dog here in my home during our vacations over the years.  Her integrity shows in the condition of my home and the happiness and contentment of my dog when we come home.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


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