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Cat Visit Playtime

If you don't have time during the day to exercise your cat, not to worry, Happy Paws Cayman Cat Visit Playtime have your tail covered! Our cat sitters act as your pet's personal trainer and will customize a daily exercise plan just for them during our 30, 45 or 60 minute visits. During our visit we use interactive toys, such as small laser lights or toy mice and birds on string to entice your kitty's natural prey moves and get them moving! We also make sure to tidy up their litter box and even bring in your mail and paper, water your plants, and rotate your blinds to give your home that "lived in" feel.


Does your kitty spend her days lounging around the house? Are you noticing that she's putting on a few extra pounds? That little (or big) belly bulge may look cute, but did you know that over 30% of cats and dogs in the Cayman Islands are overweight or obese? Your cat's inactive lifestyle is not only causing increased weight, but can lead to a load of other health issues - which could mean more vet bills and a shorter lifespan. Good thing these problems are preventable! With a portion controlled, balanced diet and some daily exercise, you can get your kitty back in the pink of health!



Cat Sitting Services

Do your cats hate being boarded? Does they need human interaction?


Most cats fear leaving their home and will hide from you as soon as you bring out the cat carrier. We can solve that problem by sending a pet sitter to your home to take care of your cat (or cats).


Your cat sitter will scoop the liter box, provide fresh food and water, keep them entertained with toys, and often give them a nice brushing. We can also bring in your mail and packages, turn lights on/off, and rotate your blinds so your home has a 'lived-in' look. 

Happy Paws Cayman has excellent communication practices and you will never wonder how your cat  is doing. You will always receive a daily update through your client portal that can include photos and videos, plus your cat sitter will leave you a daily report card about what was done during the visit. You'll always know what your cat is up to and that he was well cared for.

Cat Sitting Services include:

  • Daily report card

  • Fresh water and food

  • Medication if needed

  • Litter box cleaning

  • Brushing & playtime

  • Bring in mail, water plants

  • Daily updates through your client portal

  • GPS check in and check out










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