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Home Entry & Key Policies

Happy Paws Cayman requires that all clients provide two keys to be kept on file with your pet sitter and or management for as long as you remain a client.

Happy Paws Cayman Key Policy

Security is our TOP PRIORITY.  Your keys are kept securely with your pet sitter and Happy Paws Cayman Management.  Your keys are labeled with your account number only.  No one can identify your keys in the unlikely event that they are lost or stolen.  Each key is logged into our system and logged out anytime they are exchanged between your pet sitter and our office.  Happy Paws Cayman will always know the exact location of your keys.

Your Keys will be tested and collected prior to the start of services during your In-Home Consultation, Sitter Meeting or a Scheduled Key Pick Up Only.

Your Keys, once collected, will be labeled discreetly and kept securely at our office for future services.  We WILL NOT leave your keys at your home or lock them inside after your last visit/service.

If your keys are not available during your in-home consultation , You MUST schedule a key pickup.

*Additional visits for a Key Pickup or Sitter Meeting are $10*

*We can also destroy and discard your keys free of charge*

Lock Out Service – If you lock yourself out of your house, you may contact us to see if we can bring you your key. This service is not guaranteed, as it depends on the time of day and our schedules. Remember, we do not carry your key with us, so it must be retrieved from our office. We charge a fee between 7am to 7pm $25 and from 7pm to 7am $50.

Alternate Key Procedure – At Clients Risk

If you do not wish to provide keys, we can alternately use coded entry or a garage code.  This is allowed strictly at the risk and responsibility of the client.  It is your responsibility to ensure your online profile is up to date with detailed code and entry information. If you choose to use this method and we cannot gain entry for ANY reason you will be notified.  We cannot provide additional free visits to try to gain entry.  All additional visits needed to gain entry will be charged at the short notice rate. We strongly recommend that you have a primary and secondary entry method if you choose this alternate such as a hidden key.  *We do not recommend this procedure*

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 345-922-6545 and we will be happy to review our key procedures with you in detail and recommend the option.

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