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Camera Perk & Info


At Happy Paws Cayman, we provide you with a complimentary camera for our Dog Walking Service (Every Day 30 Minute Walks minimum), Pet Sitting Service (3 hours per day minimum), Almost Overnight Stay and Overnight Stay for peace of mind while you're away! Please check us for availability and more information.

Camera Requirements

Camera needs a minimum 8MB upload speed (Not Download, after all your home devices are connected) both at your home and where you’re going to stay during your time away.


Example: You have Logic’s Plus 10 Mbps (10 download and 10 upload) after connecting your desktop computer, Apple TV/Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Alexa. You or Happy Paws Cayman Sitter will run a Internet speed test and your upload speed is now 8.39 MB, your home is qualified for the camera to use. However this is only confirmed on one side, if you’re staying at a hotel, friend or family’s home check with them before hand to make sure they to have 8 MB minimum for the camera to work smoothly.

Camera Features

Wide-angle video

Shows you more of the room so you know what’s really going on

Easy mobile-device setup

Set up your camera from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device in minutes. No need for a computer.

Night Vision

Infrared lets you see clearly when there’s little to no light.

Email alerts

Enjoy peace of mind with movement-detection notifications.

Mobile-device recording

Save live video to your smartphone or tablet.

Digital audio

Listen to what’s going on in the room.

Next available camera is January 2nd, 2023, Please check with our office to reserve and confirm availability. 

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