The Happy Paws Cayman monthly medical services package includes:


  • ear cleaning

  • flea medication

  • general check ups

  • Medication administration

  • Special diets and supplements

  • Injectable medication administration (such as insulin)

  •  Bandage changes, as directed by your vet

  • Syringe removal

  • Assisting mobility-impaired pets with walks, exercise, therapy and potty breaks.

Medicine Administration

Happy Paws Cayman will administer forcible pills, liquid, Insulin, Subcutaneous fluids and other medicines all included for NO EXTRA charge during a scheduled visit.


Does your pet(s) know exactly where to hide when it’s time for that pill, shot, or topical medication? Let us help get that pill down the hatch! We can administer every oral, topical, or injectable medication and will go the extra mile to teach you to confidently give any medication.


Medicine Maintenance


The medicine maintenance package includes monthly or per visits by a trained Happy Paws Cayman Sitter who will clean your pet’s ears, apply flea medication, take them for a complimentary 15 minute stroll, and make sure that all the little details are taken care of!


During this visit, we can discuss your pet’s medical records, vaccine history, and overall condition to discuss exactly what you and your pet needs. With this option, we can regularly assess how your pet is doing behaviorally and physically to ensure that they get the highest quality care in your home every month!

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Customer Reviews

Alison Johnson - 2018

Julisa was wonderful and kept me posted about my senior citizens stay last weekend. She informed me that my dogs diet was high in sodium and that was contributing to her constant thirst and frequent urination. I changed the food after I got back and she was right. Thank you so much Julisa!

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