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Why Happy Paws Cayman's Pet Sitting Uses Online Profiles?


For the safety of our Professional Pet Sitters we need your name, address, veterinary info and pet behavior information PRIOR to meeting you and your pets.  Please understand we often send our sitters to meet new clients alone and in the evening, we need to establish a relationship with each prospective client before we can safely send our sitters to meet you.  We also need to know if your pets have any aggression or fear issues BEFORE we arrive to meet with you.  Safety of our pets and pet sitters is our #1 priority.


Availability – We need your home address and as much detailed information about the dates and services you may need.  his is so we can be sure that we can service your area for the dates and services you need.  We want to ensure we can match you with the best possible pet sitter who is available for your needs.

Pet and Home Information

Pet and Home Information – We need your detailed pet and home information prior to meeting with you.  Our pet sitter will print and review your profile so that they will be prepared with any questions they may have prior to meeting you.  Our New Client Meetings are limited to 30 min so it is important for us to have your information ahead of time so we can review it in an efficient manner.

Our Policies

Our Policies – Prior to completing your profile you will be asked to review and agree to our polices and procedures.  We want each client to have the opportunity to review our policies prior to their New Client Meeting so that we may review any questions you may have.

Home Entry

All clients are required to provide two keys and a back up method of entry that will be reviewed with your sitter during your meeting.  If you prefer to add your garage or alarm codes after your meeting is completed you may opt to do so.

Online Scheduling System

Happy Paws Cayman uses an entirely web based system for our clients.  Our system contains your pet and home information and also allows our clients to create their schedules, view invoices and pay your bill.  We would like each client to try our system prior to meeting with us to ensure they are comfortable using it.  An active email address is required to book service with Happy Paws Cayman.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Your Profile is what our Pet Sitters will refer to and follow each time they care for you pets.  Our pet sitters securely access your information on their smart phones while completing your services.  We want all of our pet care information to come directly from you so that we know it is up to date and accurate which will ensure you are satisfied with the service we provide.  Our web based system allows our pet sitters to located your pet care information quickly and efficiently so that we can focus on spending all of our time with your pets.  Searching through long or difficult to read hand written instructions takes away from the quality time we want to spend with your pets.

Contact Information

Contact Information – Your current contact information and emergency contacts should ALWAYS be kept up to date in your profile so that we may contact your or your emergency contact at anytime whether we are at or away from your home.


Having your online profile allows any designated Happy Paws Cayman employee or manager to review your pet and home information.  This will ensure we can be available to care for your pets accurately in the event that you need service on short notice or your primary pet sitter has an emergency.

Having a complete and up to date profile gives you the peace of mind knowing that our team has all of the information needed to accurately care for your pets any time, day or night.

If you need assistance completing your profile watch our tutorial or give our dedicated office staff a call at 345-922-6545. We will be happy to walk you through setting up your profile over the phone.

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