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GPS Pet Sitting Check In & Out

Does your pet sitter check in and out via GPS??  Is someone else monitoring visit check if your sitter is delayed do to an emergency??

Our Leash Time system has a GPS check in & check out feature that is used by our Professional Pet Sitters.  When your pet sitter arrives at your home, they log in to the Leash Time mobile application and “Check In” to your visit.  The time and GPS location of the check in is recorded.  At the end of your visit, the pet sitter uses the application to Mark the visit complete and leave a brief note that is viewable by the client, management, and other pet sitters that might be visiting your pet on the same day.


The GPS logs the time and location of the sitter upon marking the visit complete.
Clients may log in to Leash Time anytime and see that their scheduled visits have been marked complete and the note left by the sitter.

Happy Paws Cayman management monitors visits completion frequently throughout the day.  Management can view the sitter’s location, and check in & out times, to ensure that all visits are being completed as scheduled.

Please log in & check out this feature. You should be able to see your past visits marked completed and the notes left by your sitters.

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