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Free In-Home Consultation

For each new client we schedule a New Client Meeting. The meeting takes place at your home with your New Professional Pet Sitter.  Your sitter will review your pet and home care in detail with you.  Your sitter will also review your preferred home entry method and collect and test two keys. Please review the following to ensure you are prepared to meet your Pet Sitter. (In-Home Consultation is only offered FREE when booked one week in advance prior to service start date)

Leash Time Profile – Each new client must complete a secure online profile prior to scheduling a New Client Meeting.


Before scheduling in-home consultation we need your client profile completed with all the necessary fields that applies to you.

 Please be sure to have the following ready for your sitter to collect at the in-home consultation:

1. Signed Vet Information and Release Form.
2. Signed Credit Card Form.

3. Signed Medication and Supplements Form. (If pet(s) are on meds)
4. Copy of Vet Vaccination Papers for each pet.
5. 2 Keys and Codes (One kept in office and next on sitter)

6. Apartment Authorization Form is needed for apartment complexes, gated neighborhoods, hotels etc.
7. Payment (Invoice will be provided)

Please print them and have them ready for your meeting.  If you are unable to print your forms your Pet Sitter will provide them to you. Click Here to Print your Forms

Home Entry – We ask that all clients have two keys ready for the New Client Meeting.  Your pet sitter will need to test each key and review your preferred home entry method and alarm system with you in detail.  We also ask that each client provide a secondary entry method via hidden key or garage code.  


Please review our Key Policies for more information.

Your pet sitter will spend time answering all of your questions and spending some time getting to know your pets.  New client meetings are always scheduled for thirty minutes to allow plenty of time, however they typically take around 15-20 minutes.

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