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How Happy Paws Cayman Makes Sure NO Pet Is Forgotten

Happy Paws Cayman has perfected our scheduling, reminders, & check in system to ensure that NO pet sitting visit or dogs walk is missed or forgotten.


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is all requested online by the client.  The client logs in online and builds their needed schedule according to the needs of their pets and budget.  This eliminates miss communication over the phone or email.  It ensures that the exact scheduled requested by the client is booked into our system.  Every single request is checked carefully by Happy Paws Cayman management and approved and an email schedule is sent to the client.  The schedule shows all services booked on a calendar so the client can easily see the schedule and be certain it is correct or request a change as needed. Clients can also log in any time and view all services they have booked.



After the initial schedule is sent upon booking, several reminders are sent to the client.  This gives the client MANY opportunities to spot an error in their schedule.  Seven days prior to the start of your pet sitting services an email is sent out showing your schedule on an easy to read calendar.

Check In’s

Clients have the option to be checked in with by their sitter via text or email.  The checks in’s can be requested everyday, every other day, the first and/or last day or only if needed.  You will NOT be left to worry if your pet is being visited or not.

In addition to this, Happy Paws Cayman Professional Pet Sitters mark EVERY visit and overnight complete via Leash Time log in and leave a brief note that is viewable by the client & Happy Paws Cayman management.  The client can log in any time and see that visits were completed and the notes from their sitter.  In addition to this Happy Paws Cayman management monitors the schedule every day to ensure that every visit gets marked complete.


All Pet Sitters check in upon arrival and check out at departure via Leash Time App.  The GPS records the sitter’s location at the time of check in & check out.  This will be required of all new pet sitters joining Happy Paws Cayman.

What does this all add up to? TOTAL PEACE OF MIND!! For you the client and Happy Paws Cayman management. Everyone can rest assured that every pet is visited as scheduled.

Happy Paws Cayman Pledge

In the rare and unlikely event that your pets visit is delayed do to a severe and unlikely emergency we vow to contact you and your emergency contact person as soon as we become aware of the delay.  We will then visit your pet as soon as possible.  Either Happy Paws Cayman owner Julisa Dilbert or another Professional Pet Sitter employee will fill in if your regular pet sitter is dealing with an emergency.

If you have any questions what so ever..Please call owner/manager Julisa at 345-922-6545.  We want every client to feel 100% confident that their pet sitting will be completed as scheduled.

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