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This service is currently unavailable until further notice, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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Puppy Care Program


Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting! Your adorable bundle of joy is full of love, energy, and, of course, tons of curiosity. Unfortunately, this can also lead to torn shoes, random potty stains and other bad habits. During their early months, good habits have to be learned, like letting you know they have to go "wee wee" or not chewing on your furniture. Now, more than ever, your puppy needs consistency, routine and more attention than you may have time to give.


Not to worry! Here at Happy Paws Cayman, we're happy to have a solution to the many challenges a puppy adds to your lifestyle. Enrolling your new best bud in the Happy Paws Cayman Puppy Care Program ensures he learns the basics and gets the attention, daily exercise and activity that is just right for his breed and age. A dedicated and trained Happy Paws sitter will customize a feeding, exercise and training schedule just for your pup!


With the Happy Paws Cayman Puppy Care Program your pup will:

  • Learn commands through positive reinforcement

  • Get the daily activity and exercise they need to stay fit and burn off excess energy

  • Be taught positive behaviors

  • Keep a routine through a feeding schedule

  • Be socialized with their pet sitter

  • Grow to be a good and responsible member of your family!


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