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Pet Safety For Cat Lovers

1. Make sure they’re drinking: Cats are prone to kidney infections because many of them don’t drink enough. Have water dishes with fresh water available at all times.

2. Canned food: If your cats don’t drink a lot and you worry they’re not getting enough liquid you may want to feed them canned food. Ask your vet before you introduce wet food into their diet because if they’re not accustomed to it, you could have messy litter boxes or vomiting pets.

3. Keep fleas in check, even in indoor cats: If you have dogs that go out doors, they could bring fleas into the house and those fleas might start snacking on your kitties. To keep them at bay you can check out any of the many natural products available or you could cultivate plants that are not only safe for pets, but can help repel mosquitoes.

4. Keep outdoor cats safe: If your cats insist on going out of doors you need to take steps to assure their safety. If they love the outdoors you can always find a handyman/woman to construct a screen-protected area around a low tree which could allow them to climb and be one with nature in a safe environment. Perhaps your cats would like a screened in porch where they can lie down and soak up the sun. It’s your choice on the amount of sunshine and freedom your cats are allowed, but be aware of the hazards that could befall your cats if left to roam the neighborhood.

5. All cats need vetting: Even if you have completely indoor cats, they still need to visit the veterinarian and be vaccinated. There are any number of illnesses that could plague your pet, even if she never goes out doors.

6. What did I just step in!? Hairballs between bare toes are not the way you want to greet the day, believe me, I know! In our house, summer seems to bring with it even more hairballs even though we feed a hairball-busting cat food. The increase in yacking could be because they are shedding and grooming themselves more frequently. To combat that, spend some time daily brushing your cats.

7. My cat won’t eat! You don’t love heavy meals on hot days and your cat might be extra finicky just because of the weather. If not eating persists for any length of time, call your veterinarian and have him checked out.

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