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DIY Dog Puzzle: Takes Less Than 5 Minutes To Make!

Do you ever wish there was a way to entertain your dog when you’re working, cooking, or just too busy to play? Well, this DIY dog puzzle may do the trick!

How It Works

This puzzle is nothing more than a cut up water bottle stuffed with treats. Your dog has to paw at the bottle and spin it around to make the treats fall out. When I first put the “toy” on my floor, my two pups were immediately intrigued. They knew treats were inside, they just didn’t know how to get them out and into their mouths! After a few attempts at pushing the bottle around with their snouts, they got anxious and started using their paws. Once the bottle started spinning and treats began falling out, their tails wagged at a mile a minute. They were hooked!

What You’ll Need
  • An empty water bottle

  • A pair of sturdy scissors

  • Treats


1. Grab a standard 16 oz plastic water bottle and remove the label.

2. Unscrew the bottle cap and set aside.

3. Pinch a section of the water bottle and cut several holes around the bottle. Vary the placement of your holes. The more holes you make in the bottle, the easier it will be for your dog to get the treats. I personally cut three holes around my bottle!

4. Place pieces of your dog’s favorite treat inside the bottle and screw the cap back on.

5. Place the bottle on your floor and let your pooch play!

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